Why Do You Need A Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician?

primary health care physician

Sports medicine is more than just treating injuries. It involves a holistic approach to helping athletes improve their performance, prevent injuries and stay healthy. A primary health care physician can provide the best care for your child or teen athlete by taking into account all aspects of their health: mental, emotional, and physical.

It’s important to see a primary care medicine physician because they are experts in diagnosing and treating common sports injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, and concussions. They also know how to identify less common problems, such as compartment syndrome or shin splints. They know how long an injury should take to heal and what kind of treatments will be most effective for each individual patient.

A primary care sports medicine physician can help you with:

Sports Medicine Treatment

A sports medicine doctor will perform a full physical exam, including checking vital signs and reviewing past medical history. If there are any concerns about an injury, they may order tests such as X-rays or MRIs to diagnose the problem. If needed, they may refer you to another specialist for additional care.

Preventing Injuries

Sports medicine doctors also teach athletes how to prevent injuries by improving their technique and strengthening weak muscles through exercise programs designed for them specifically. They can also help athletes manage chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes, so they don’t impact performance or increase the risk of injury.

Physicals & Injury Evaluations

You may need to see a professional local doctor before beginning a new sport or starting a new season. Your doctor may want to evaluate your health and make sure you’re ready to play.

Overuse Injuries

If you are an athlete or just play regularly, you may have injured yourself at some point. A sports medicine doctor will check your injury and provide recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation centres.

Preventative Care For Young Athletes

young athletes need regular screenings for exercise-related health problems such as heat stroke, dehydration, and overuse injuries (such as stress fractures). A primary care sports medicine doctor can also help parents understand how to keep their children safe when they participate in sports programs.

Chronic Conditions That Affect Performance

If you have asthma or diabetes, a primary care sports medicine doctor can help manage these conditions, so they don’t interfere with your ability to participate in physical activity.

Reasons why a primary care sports medicine physician can be helpful

Here are some of the reasons that a primary health care physician can be helpful:

  • The doctor will know your personal history; therefore, they can better treat any injuries or illnesses. It’s important to remember that not all sports medicine physicians are trained in every area of medicine. It’s best to see one who specializes in treating athletes so that they have more experience in dealing with your specific health needs as an athlete.
  • The doctor can help prevent injuries by performing a complete physical exam on each visit and checking for potential problems such as high cholesterol or diabetes, which could lead to future problems if not treated properly.
  • A complete physical exam also allows doctors to check for signs of heart disease or cancer through blood tests and imaging tests such as X-rays or MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging). This is especially important if you’re over 35 years old because these conditions usually don’t develop overnight. Early detection is essential!

Things to Consider When choosing a primary care sports medicine physician

Choosing a primary health care physician can be a challenge. It’s important to find someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and comfortable with the type of injury you have. When choosing a primary care medicine physician, there are several key factors to consider;

Are they board-certified?

If you’re looking for a sports medicine specialist, it’s important that your doctor is board-certified in the field of sports medicine. This means that he or she has completed a rigorous certification process and has demonstrated competence in all aspects of sports medicine, including diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

primary health care physician

Do they specialize in your sport?

Depending on the type of sport you compete in, there may be specific injuries that arise more frequently than others. If you’re an avid runner or cyclist, for example, you may want to seek out a doctor who specializes in those particular types of injuries (such as knee or foot pain). However, if you participate in multiple sports or have no specific interest in one particular activity over another, this might not be as important to you.

What kind of experience do they have treating athletes?

A good place to start when searching for a primary care sports medicine physician is by asking other athletes about their experiences with their physicians’ offices and whether or not those offices had experience treating athletes with similar conditions as yours (such as tendonitis).

How long have they been practicing?

A doctor with experience will be more likely to have seen most of the common injuries that occur in athletes and treated them successfully — or at least know how to refer you if they haven’t seen it before.

How long will it take to get an appointment?

You’ll want to schedule appointments as soon as possible after an injury occurs so your PCSM can make sure it doesn’t get worse before it gets better. Make sure your PCSM’s office has convenient hours, so you don’t have to miss work for appointments or wait too long between visits if they’re needed right away in an emergency situation (like if you break your leg while skiing).

The Bottomline:

A primary care sports medicine physician is the most important person you can see if you’re injured. A sports injury can happen to anyone, but when it does, it can be scary for the athlete and their family. The good news is that if you have a sports injury, there’s someone who can help you get back on your feet — and that person is your primary health care physician.

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