Examples of Addicts that Can Benefit from Professional Drug and Alcohol Counselling

drug and alcohol counseling

People use hard drugs for physical and emotional reasons like trauma, peer pressure, and boredom. However, the sad truth is that alcohol and narcotic drugs are highly addictive and destructive. For this reason, an addict should visit a registered rehabilitation facility for fruitful drug and alcohol counseling services.

Who Does Drug and Alcohol Counselling Mainly Target?

  • Cocaine addicts

Cocaine is a highly addictive narcotic drug that is in the form of a white powder. This dangerous drug may cause deadly health problems, like convulsions, stroke, or heart disease.

For this reason, the drug is illegal in multiple countries, such as the US, Argentina, and Germany.

  • Alcoholics

Usually,people associate beer and alcohol with parties and special events such as graduation or wedding celebrations. However, some don’t know it can be highly addictive, especially if one takes it for nearly 12 months.

  • Heroin addicts

Heroin is an injectable narcotic drug that addicts dissolve in liquids before administering it into the body using a syringe.

  • Khat addicts

Khat is a well-known Arabian plant that people chew to stimulate their body system. The leaves of this shrub have an astringent taste and might trigger severe health-related issues. For example, the drug can cause teeth discoloration and mouth cancer after some time.

  • Opium users

Opium is a dangerous narcotic drug that people derive from the capsule of opium seeds. Opium addicts use this drug to numb pain before injecting hard drugs into their bodies.

Sadly, abusing opium can trigger devastating effects, such as anxiety disorder, breathing difficulties, and incessant coughing.

drug and alcohol counseling

How Drug and Alcohol Counselling Help Addicts Overcome Drug Addiction

This form of counseling help in permanent drug and alcohol detox in Whangarei.

  • It help addicts avoid relapsing

The counselors introduce the addicts to workable relapse prevention plans before they leave the rehab centers. Therefore, the patients’ bodies get enough time to detoxify the drugs for good.

  • It helps one cope with triggers

Drug counselors help recovering addicts identify what triggers their drug addiction. After that, they counsel them on how to cope with each trigger to avoid relapsing.

  • Helps addicts identify the cause of their addiction

Emotional, psychological, and physical factors can push someone to use hard drugs. A drug and alcohol counselor helps patients discover the primary cause of substance abuse for recovery purposes.

To Sum it Up

Addicts must never forget that drug addiction is a life-threatening substance disorder they can overcome for good. Therefore, they shouldn’t shy-away from visiting a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol counseling.

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