School Readiness Program Victoria – Are They Just A Fancy Term

School Readiness Program Victoria

We have asked so many parents what they prefer when they look for a child care centre or preschool for their child. The majority of parents were excited to hear and by knowing the term school readiness program Victoria. They discussed excitedly and happily that their chosen preschool, family day care centre, and child care centre offers these programs.

So do you know what it means for a child or children to be ready for school? There are countless misconceptions and false beliefs that a child is ready to go to school when he or she can pronounce the alphabet, read counting at least to 20, able to write his or her name, and mainly he or she can tie the shoelace. These skills are good for a child to learn in his early childhood, but these things can not define a child’s foundation for positive learning experiences in the school environment.

We can also consider a kid who can not yet pronounce his name correctly, recite the alphabet, and count to 20 is yet required by the state government to attend kindergarten. So it is wrong to say that a child who can not do these things can not attend school. There is a broad term that must be used when talking about early childhood services, and that term is “the foundations for learning.” Regardless of whether a child will attend the school next year, we can be supporting the crucial foundations for learning for all children.

School Readiness Program Victoria

The main benefit of the school readiness program Melbourne is that it provides a rich learning experience to the children that help in encouraging the overall growth and development of each child. And the best part is that there is no need to make it a separate part of the program that sets a standard that each child must accomplish in their development before he can be considered ready for attending school.

For example, a child is good at reading the alphabet, counting to 20, and writes his name, but the fact is that these things are not the foundation for reading as some would think. On the other hand, a child does not know how to read the alphabets, but he enjoys spending time looking at books, who at least try to make rhyme words, and pretend to read a story. These children have a love for the richness of language. So when you look out for a school readiness program Victoria, you should check what programs it includes and how it supports the foundation for learning.

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