Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab Facilities in Handling Addiction Patients

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Cure Day Hospital - Bloemfontein - Cure Day HospitalsIf you’re planning to enroll yourself in an outpatient rehab facility, you must be aware of the things to expect during the treatment. You require a lot of dedication on your part to effectively and successfully go through rehabilitation. Opting for Day hospital Paarl can be a less stressful process which can avoid the resistance if you’re not okay with the inpatient process.  

Day hospital Paarl

Inpatient rehab facilities 

Inpatient rehab facilities have meetings, counselors, and medical supervision available throughout your stay. On the other hand, with outpatient rehab, you’re responsible for getting to all required sessions, without anybody’s reminder. Usually, if you’re needed to attend a meeting or a group session as an outpatient and you don’t attend, then the program may recommend that you no longer be allowed to enjoy the outpatient treatment.

Getting out of addiction requires you to detox from alcohol and/or drugs. The amount of time it takes to fully detox depends on the individual and the substance used. While using Day hospital Paarl or outpatient rehab, you’ll not be under direct medical attention throughout the withdrawal. Withdraw symptoms can be severe meaning you must have someone nearby to help you. It’s highly recommended that before you start a self-detox you visit a physician to examine your overall well-being.  

After Detox Period

After the detox period, you’ll require following through with the remaining rehabilitation. That includes attending coaching, groups, speaking to a physician or counselor, and making your health. When choosing for outpatient rehabilitation, it will be easy to miss to attend a meeting or to surround yourself with the environment that can make you get back into the toxic situation. You must stand strong enough to through the Day hospital Paarl.

Going through outpatient rehabilitation, however, doesn’t excuse you from the needed drug testing. You’ll still be needed to submit to and pass a drug test to the end of the program. There will be helpful for you during the entire process though you’ll be responsible for following through with the recommendations.

Day hospital Paarl


When trying to get clean and sober, outpatient rehab can be effective and beneficial. If you work full time or are unable to leave your residence for an inpatient program, then outpatient is a great option. However, outpatient can also work against you, if you don’t take the rehab seriously. You’ll be expected to complete all the processes that are needed during inpatient, expect that you’ll need more freedom to go on with the duties. It will be your duty to make outpatient rehab at day hospital Paarl work.

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