What a General Dentist Does to Ensure your Kid’s Teeth and Gum Wellbeing

kid’s general dental practice

How safe is hydrogen peroxide for your teeth? | by Chisel Dental Clinic  Bangalore | MediumGeneral dentists are practitioners who decide not to specialize in any field after graduation from dentistry. The majority of professionals want to study a specific field of dentistry o sharpen their skills and master such specific knowledge. But, there are still some who opt not to go any further. General dentistry is broad and is covering various cases and with that, the practitioner can encounter different things. Many people may require a professional to help with a kid’s general dental practice. The following are the various tasks that a general dentist does.

kid’s general dental practice

Filling or Treating Cavities

This is one task that a general dentist can do for their patients. If your kid has cavities, modern fillings may be performed to match the natural color of his teeth. Following such a procedure, discomfort is ease from the tooth hole that you have suffered before. Previous fillings may also be taken out, particularly those that are constructed of gold, amalgam, and silver because these don’t last long unlike the contemporary. General dentists can also utilize composite bonding for your kid’s oral cavity to be transformed and enhanced.  


Extraction is one of the main tasks that general dentists can do. This is the process of taking out a damaged or decayed tooth that a kid is suffering from. Besides removing the damaged tooth, extraction can also be performed if in case there’s an overcrowding of teeth or there has been an extra tooth. In the case of compacted teeth, there are also being removed. Extraction diagnosis may require several days before it’s taken out. The majority of practitioners that help with kid’s general dental practice may prescribe to their clients to prevent any infections and to create a better defense against bacteria before extraction.

kid’s general dental practice

General Maintenance of Teeth

General teeth maintenance comprises of various techniques and treatments. Like the general routine oral cavity cleaning by using special tools, that extract any plaques and prevents them from forming. Checking cavities is also performed and check-ups are performed regularly – recommended after every six months. These are some of the several tasks of a general dentist.


The health of your kid starts with healthy teeth and gum. Proper dental practices must be practiced at all times to avoid costly procedures such as tooth replacement. It’s not hard anymore to look for a dentist to help you with your kid’s general dental practice. There are many professionals who will offer great services and at an affordable cost.

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